Organization of events

Do you want to organize an event?

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Through its experience in Paris and Brussels, All 4 the EU can help in the logistics of your meetings, Infodays, conferences, etc.

We help you prepare for the event, including the budget.

We provide various promotional materials, create your layouts and printing materials, and help you determine the sign posting and the visibility of your event.

We have the tools to register your participants, print your badges and name plates, and send your invitations and letters of confirmation.

We welcome your participants, speakers and VIPs and coordinate transfers to the airport in limousines, taxis and tour buses.

We provide you with all the necessary equipment for your reception desk, welcome your participants and hand over the participation overview at your event.

We take care of your administrative tasks, translations, photocopies as well as the website for  your event.

All 4 the EU take care of you from A to Z, contact us!